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Ready to Tell Your Story?

Whether you’re a start-up, association, small business or non-profit, my process is tried and true to create a solid foundation for producing great design that influences decision-making which in turn influences your bottom line.

Determining the plot points.  Ever felt that design is mysterious and intangible? I work hard to help you understand The design process every step of the way — making the intangible concrete. First I’ll need to know your goals, target audience, competitors and any concerns you may have. The more information the better! This is where we’ll determine your objectives and the marketing materials needed to get your story told — in a dynamic way that is easily understood.

Making sure we’re on the same page.  Next I will provide a project plan detailing your feedback as well as an estimate of costs, schedule, and tasks to be completed by all parties involved. That way there will never be any confusion as to what is needed, and when, to create a successful project, on time and on budget.

Then the fun begins! With research, inspiration and lots of doodling, (Ok, there is a mysterious part) I’ll create concepts from which you will choose the design direction that we’ll pursue. No detail is overlooked, from start to finish, to bring your project to completion.

A fairytale ending.  Every step of the way you are involved in decision making, with opportunities to express your thoughts and modification requests. I want us both to be successful and will work closely with you to ensure that you get noticed!